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aus den Forschungseinrichtungen und der Betriebsgesellschaft

Ankündigung: 1st Global Mountain Sustainability Forum

The GLOMOS programme, together with Eurac research, invites scientists, researchers and students to submit their application to present their research on occasion of the 1st Global Mountain Sustainability Forum, on 5-6 October 2020 in Sexten/Sesto, Italy. The topic of this year’s forum is “Sustainability Governance: International Frameworks and Local Contributions.”

Abstracts must be submitted by no later than Thursday 30 April 2020 and should be assigned to one of the four thematic sessions:

  1. Global developments and critical issues in sustainability in mountain regions
  2. Natural resources and sustainability in mountains
  3. Tourism and sustainability in mountains
  4. Sustainable governance in mountain regions – potential and limitations of possible solutions

More information or visite the website