Key Scientific Activities

Interdisciplinary cooperation

Key Scientific Activities

The main goal of the Virtual Institute Schneefernerhaus is to promote the development, demonstration, and implementation of innovative technologies for climate and atmospheric observations, satellite data validation, high-altitude medicine, and the early detection of natural hazards.

These interdisciplinary research goals have been grouped into eight Key Scientific Activities. Each activity brings together several of our research institutes and is represented by a scientific speaker.

The Science Team

The UFS Science Team comprises the speakers of each Key Scientific Activity. It meets periodically and ensures the scientific quality of the Virtual Institute Schneefernerhaus.

Every institute in the consortium holds a position as one of the speakers of a Key Scientific Activity, and thus a seat in the Science Team.


Satellite-based observation and early detection

Regional Climate and Atmosphere

Cosmic Radiation and Radioactivity


Environmental and high-altitude medicine

Global Atmosphere Watch

Biosphere and Geosphere

Cloud Dynamics