Global Atmosphere Watch

Key Scientific Activity at UFS

Global Station Zugspitze/Hohenpeissenberg

The Federal Environment Agency, Germany (UBA) and German Meteorological Service (DWD) jointly operate the GAW Global Station Zugspitze/Hohenpeissenberg. It is divided into two platforms at Hohenpeißenberg (DWD) and at Schneefernerhaus (UBA). Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) is a global network organized by UNO/WMO to measure the state of the atmosphere and to detect physical and chemical changes in it. The UFS station provides very good conditions for long term monitoring of the lower free troposphere. The program of the Federal Environment Agency focuses on climate forcing gases, reactive gases, and aerosols. Since the chemical composition of the atmosphere and its aerosol contents are a key to atmospheric processes, the data acquired by the Federal Environment Agency can be essential for the detection of changes, for modeling, and for ground truthing.


GAWTEC - Global Atmosphere Watch Training & Education Centre

The Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus hosts GAWTEC, the Global Atmosphere Watch Training & Education Centre.

GAWTEC is responsible for the training and education of station personnel from global and regional GAW stations by teaching measurement techniques and data analysis.

Institutes in this Key Scientific Activity