Job Posting

Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

The Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities seeks applications for a

full-time scientific post

(salary grade E13) working in the research group Geodesy and Glaciology ( Initial appointment will be for 2 years, with the option of renewal.

Located in Munich, the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BAdW) is one of Germany's oldest research organisations, and operates the Leibniz Rechenzentrum (LRZ) as one of the most advanced HPC centers worldwide. Within the Academy, the research group on Geodesy and Glaciology works on geodetic and glaciology research related to the role of Alpine mountain glaciers and their role in the Earth system. The project also performs long-term monitoring of mountain glaciers and their interaction with Earth system components, such as the solid Earth, hydrosphere and climate. A research focus is the development of sophisticated HPC simulation tools that will enable physics-based modelling of glacial dynamics and glacial interaction with other spheres of the Earth system. In recent years, ELMER-ICE has been used as a basis for the model development on the HPC system of the LRZ.

We are looking for a researcher with strong expertise in the development and use of modern ice-dynamic computer models. It is expected that the candidate is able to implement the complex dynamic processes within glaciers and their interaction with other geospheres in a model architecture. This requires knowledge of scaling methods and coupling schemes. Familiarity with advanced parallel HPC techniques and data assimilation methods is expected and additional experience with meteorological/climatological processes and data handling would be beneficial. To this end, computationally intensive model runs can be performed on HPC systems of the LRZ (e.g. Linux Clusters), and a close co-operation with LRZ staff is foreseen.

You have

  • a PhD in geophysics, meteorology, informatics/mathematics, physics or in related disciplines of glaciology
  • strong expertise in the physics of glaciers and you are experienced in the use of HPC enabled software
  • familiarity with glacial modelling software (e.g., ELMER-ICE, or other Full-Stokes solvers) and you are able to lead and implement new model developments
  • excellent knowledge of computer languages such as C, C++ or Fortran
  • a keen interest to collaborate with LRZ staff to efficiently apply advanced computing resources of the LRZ
  • the physical fitness and experience to join field campaigns in summer and winter related to our glacial monitoring programs
  • a strong publication record and a keen interest to collaborate with other members of Geodesy and Glaciology group, as well as the willingness to raise own financial project support

The BAdW is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from female candidates. Disabled candidates with essentially equal qualifications will be given preference in accordance to the rules and regulations of German law SGB IX. The post is conditionally suitable for candidates with disabilities. Part-time work is possible, as long as job sharing allows to fulfil the duties of the full time post.

If you are interested in this post, please send your detailed application (exclusively by Email as a single PDF document) until March 1, 2021 to You may address questions to the same Email-address or call Dr. Voelksen (+49 89 23031 1272).